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Unleash the power of your (business) story

The power of stories is impressive.

Stories can help you to achieve what you want, but they can also impede you and bring you down.

In this workshop you get insights in the power of your own (business)story and how you can use that to be succesfull in your own way in your personal and/ or business life.

You learn:

  • to recognize the different layers of an active story in your life
  • how those layers are interdependent
  • what archetypal metaphor is underlying
  • who or what can help you to achieve what you want
  • who or what is impeding you and why
  • what concrete steps you can take on the short-term and long-term to change what you want

Narrative analysis

Every story -whether fictional, personal or business story – contains several layers and several standard elements.

Insight in these layers and elements helps us to understand what is happening in your own life or business and why. In our archetypical subconsciousness we take a lot of decisions in daily life we are not always aware of.

When you analyse your personal or business story you learn who or what can help you to achieve what you want AND who or what are the dragons in your own story and what treasure they guard for you.

Narrative content

We tell ourselves and each other stories as long as mankind exists. Stories are a very important part of who we are. Every human being is a barrel full stories. Stories that are helpfull for us, like “I am very good at …. let say ‘cooking or organizing events’.”

But we all also recognize the stories we tell ourself, that impede us in what we want to do. Stories like “Oh, no, I would love to do this or that, but that is impossible. I am not capable of doing that.”

All those stories together I call ‘our narrative content’. And the more we realize what kind of stories we tell ourselves and how they resonate in our life and work, the more we are able to find the keys to change things.

Narrative intelligence

When you are aware of the stories you are living and which ones are helpfull and others aren’t, you are able to address your own inner narrative intelligence. This workshop helps you to activate this inner power in yourself.

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About the trainer

Frederique te Dorsthorst is an international storyworker, trainer and narrative coach from the Netherlands.

She helps people to address their own narrative intelligence so they can really be the heros of their own lifes instead of being lived by others.

In her workshops and coaching she uses diverse theories and methods on Storytelling, narritive approach, archetypes and storywork. Her key message in everything she does is “Be the hero of your own story. We can’t change the things that happen to us, but we do have the power to change how we react.”