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Workshop – Working with Archetypes


Want to learn how to work with archetypes and metaphors in constellations? Join us in the workshop Working with Archetypes.

Archetypes connect us to a deep layer of knowing within ourselves and our companies. Using these images of primeval characters in a constellation opens up a transformational space for your client. It allows old and hidden patterns to be revealed and transformed.

This module is part of a serie of advanced workshops on facilitating business constellations organized by Martijn Meima of Business Intuïtion.

In Working with Archetyeps you will get insights into the background of archetypes. If you are more aware of your own inner archetypal wisdom, you’ll recognize both your own archetypal patterns as well as those of your clients. You will learn different formats that you can use in your own contellation work in order to explore and work more with the enpowering force of the archetypes both within yourself as within your clients.

  • You know more about archetypes
  • You have learned some archetype constellation formats
  • You know how to create your own constellation with archetypes

If you want to subscribe for this workshopshop, go to the website of Business Intuition.

If you want to know more about archetypes and if you speak Dutch (;-)), you can read my blog about archetypes.