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Dragon’s journey: A 2 day Leadership retreat


leadership training intuition narrative approachThe Dragon’s journey,

a 2-days leadership retreat

Together with Conscious Leadership Academy in Bulgaria ™ we organize a programm for leaders who want to broaden their leadership skills. 


Kick-off event: 2-day leadership retreat
Date: 14 juni 19:30 till 16 June 2019 16:00 CEST
Venue: In the heart of the mountain, 60-90 mins from Sofia

Who is this retreat for?

Leaders of organizations that would like to fine tune their leadership style to current challenges of the modern world.

This retreat is for leaders, asking themselves questions  like:archetypen supportteam innerlijke stem ikken

  • How to lead my organization (business) or team in a continuously changing world?
  • How to embrace complexity?
  • How to balance between control and more autonomy or even self-organisation?
  • How to open space for more conscious decisions in my daily work life?
  • How to develop and trust my intuition more?

What are the expected benefits for you?

During this 2-day intensive retreat you will:

  • have time to reflect on your leadership style and desired state of being.
  • find insights to business problems and challenges you face.
  • revisit your understanding of concepts such as control, intuition and self-organisation / collaboration.
  • embrace a new perspective on your business development.
  • accumulate enough energy and determination to take decisive steps towards solving your challenges.

What are we going to do?

We have created a very diverse program which will be adjusted to your wishes. We will use different methods and approaches like business constellations, narrative approach, visual thinking and systemic coaching.

The program is divided into 3 parts and 5 steps:

I At the entrance of the Dragon’s lair

1. Being Present

Being aware of where you are now, your current situation. Exploring your conscious leadership.

2. Letting Go

Getting rid of what you don’t need anymore. Creating freedom to be your style of conscious leader.

II Entering the Dragon’s lair

3. Not Knowing

Floating in the unknown. Enjoying the lightness. Feeling curious.

4. Letting Come

Being open for new opportunities. Stepping into the unknown.

III Spreading the Dragon’s wings

5. Manifesting Consciously

Creating your own story. Defining the steps. Following the movement. Taking action.

Why a Dragon’s journey?

A dragon is a mythical animal, who symbolizes both chaos and order at the same time. The creature units all four primal elements: earth, fire, water and wind, which are within the animal in perfect balance. In most stories a dragon defeats a treasure which is important for the journey the hero of the story is making.

As leaders we also have to deal with constant changing situations, which sometimes give us the feeling of chaos that needs to be structured. In the retreat we make a journey to find both the dragons in and outsight ourself and the leadership treasures he is defeating. Treasures that make us consious of new insights in our leadership.

Who are the creators behind the retreat?

We are a group of five bright personalities from the Netherlands and Bulgaria, who are dedicated to supporting people’s and organizational transformation towards a more fulfilling and meaningful existence.

We are trainers, coaches and organizational consultants. Our background is mainly in the field of capacity building for business and NGO organizations.

We are linked with different international movements – Reinventing organisations (Frederic Laloux), Presencing / Theory U (Otto Scharmer), the Narrative Approach, Systemic Wisdom and Constellations.

During the event we will all be present and actively involved in your journey. This way you can benefit from our combined talents and skills.

More information

Number of participants and investment?

Minimum: 15
Maximum: 30

The Dragon’s journey basic: €525, =  for the retreat, food and drinks and accommodation. (travelcosts are not included).
The Dragon’s journey extra: €725,= the Dragon’s journey basic plus and extra coach session with one of the trainers on monday the 17th.

Register and more information

If you are interested, if you have ideas, if you want to share your thoughts, please contact me.

If you want to register, please follow this link